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Years of sun and wind damage takes its toll on the skin. Numerous environmental and genetic factors can lead to wrinkles, deep lines and noticeable signs of aging skin. Cheyenne BOTOX Cosmetic® injection is the only FDA-approved anti-aging treatment route to lessen forehead lines, crow’s feet and lines around the mouth.

Cheyenne BOTOX Cosmetic® injections work by targeting the cause of creases –repeated muscle contractions in that particular region. Our BOTOX Cosmetic® anti-aging treatment temporarily reduces that muscle activity, causing the lines to visibly soften.

Many people have questions when it comes to BOTOX Cosmetic® injections. It is important to talk through any uncertainties with our professionals to decide if this anti-aging treatment route is right for you. Some common questions are featured below

frequently asked questions

Botox Cosmetics®

01. Will I lose the ability to show expressions?
Our trained professionals are experts in facial anatomy, so you should not lose the ability to show facial expressions. Discuss your desired results in detail with your facilitator.
03. How long will it take?

BOTOX Cosmetic® treatments are a relatively quick procedure, taking only about 10 minutes per injection.

02. Are treatments painful?
Many clients do not find the treatments painful but instead experience a pinching sensation. Ice or numbing cream can be applied to the treatment area to minimize discomfort.

04. Are there any side effects?

A very small percentage of clients may experience eyelid drooping, blurred vision, swelling, or other side effects. Talk to your doctor before proceeding with BOTOX Cosmetic® to learn important safety information.

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